The Licel APD module combines a Si/InGaAs-Avalanche Photodiode, TE cooler, temperature controller, preamplifier and XYZ positioner in a single compact module. APD and preamplifier are carefully shielded against RF and noise through the power lines. An external HV supply is included.

Air Cooled Si APD Module

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Detector module based on Hamamatsu enhanced Si-Avalanche Photodiodes


  • 0.8, 1.0 or 3mm detector diameter
  • >80% QE @650 nm
  • up to 36 A/W responsivity @ 1060 nm
  • low noise - high gain preamplifier
  • integrated HV supply
  • integrated TE cooler and temperature controller,
  • Temp. stability better 0.5 K
  • integrated power supply
  • thread for 2 inch Thorlabs lens tubes
Image of the APD together with HV supply


  • high sensitivity, high speed measurements @ 500 - 1100 nm
  • high dynamic range detection of near infrared signals
  • (Nd:YAG fundamental 1064nm)
  • lidar
  • fluorescence detection
  • particle counters


Air Cooled InGaAs APD Module

The Licel InGaAs APD detector has an air cooled TEC package. The 200 µm diameter detector can be cooled down to 0C and is packaged using the same form factor as our Si- APD module.

InGaAs Datasheet

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