The Licel APD module combines a Si-Avalanche Photodiode, TE cooler, temperature controller, preamplifier and XYZ positioner in a single compact module. APD and preamplifier are carefully shielded against RF and noise through the power lines. An external HV supply is included.

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Detector module based on EG&G NIR enhanced Si-Avalanche Photodiodes


  • 0.8, 1.0 or 3mm detector diameter
  • >80% QE @650 nm
  • up to 36 A/W responsivity @ 1060 nm
  • low noise - high gain preamplifier
  • integrated HV supply
  • integrated TE cooler and temperature controller,
  • Temp. stability better 0.5 K
  • integrated power supply
  • thread for 2 inch Thorlabs lens tubes
Image of the APD together with HV supply



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