The products recently released continue our strive for supplying a range of matching components which are All products share a unified Ethernet interface for easier deployment and programming.

Multispectral Lidar Detector

The Licel multispectral lidar detector allows simultaneous detection of multiple spectrometer wavelengths. It is based on a multianode, metalchannel- dynode photomultiplier. 32 photocathode elements together with 32 single photon counting systems provide 2-dimensional, spectral and range resolved data. The Detector module can be combined with various flat field spectrographs.


Documentation - Installation and Reference Manual

Software - Windows Installer

Software - LabVIEW Sources

Software - C Sources and Sample Application

Super-Bialkali PMT Module

We have packaged the new Super Bialkali PMTs from Hamamatsu using our stabilized dynode chain and the PMT housing with integrated interface to the Thorlabs lens tube system. The new cathode material offers 34% QE at 355nm compared to 27% of the previous R7400 tubes.


Air Cooled InGaAs APD Module

The Licel InGaAs APD detector is now available in an air cooled TEC package. The 200m diameter detector can be cooled down to 0C and is packaged using the same form factor as our Si- APD module.


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