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These products continue our strive for supplying a range of matching Lidar components which are

  • highly integrated,
  • make lidars more compact
  • and help to automate lidar measurements.
All products share a unified Ethernet interface for easier deployment and programming.



The Licel Polarotor adds (de-)polarization measurements to multispectral detection systems. A rotating Glan Thompson prism is used to separate p- and s-polarized signal contributions. The integrated trigger generator synchronizes the laser flashlamp and Q-switch pulses.

Aligment Detector

Alignment Detector

In many LIDAR applications, daylight is among the major limiting parameters for the achievable signal range. By implementing a continuous monitoring and correction of the alignment, the telescope field of view can be reduced close to the laser beam divergence. This can improve operation of narrow field of view Raman or micropulse lidars and unattended operation.

Power Meter

Power Meter

Monitoring every laser shot is the optimum approach to detect laser pulse energy fluctuations, SHG and THG efficiency changes and flashlamp degradation of your laser. A laser spot reflection can be measured using a photodiode or a laser power meter head.

Trigger Generator

Control the laser, the transient recorder and the gating from a single integrated module instead of using an external pulse generator. The module provides all necessary trigger signals: laser flashlamp, laser Q-switch, transient recorder and gating. Use these signals to setup a pretrigger solution where the laser can be either master or slave.

Laser Sync Module

The Licel Laser Sync Module allows to synchronize up to 3 lasers with different individual repetition rate. Together with the Licel Trigger Generators it ensures collision free laser shots in a Lidar where multiple lasers are involved.

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