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Software versions and Download

Licel provides applications and driver software for a variety of systems. Applications are available for Windows and as LabVIEW sources. Driver sources are provided for LabVIEW, C, and Visual Basic.

Available Packages

Please note that you need to download the software that is compatible with both your hardware (Licel Ethernet Controller or DIO card) and LabVIEW version.

  1. Ethernet Socket TCP/IP

    Please look at the hardware you got from Licel. If it has a socket like the one shown on the left, you will have to download the TCP/IP software.
  2. DIO-32HS Plug DIO-32HS

    If you will connect your transient recorders with a DIO-32HS interface card your PC should be equipped with the corresponding plug. You will have to download the HS software.
  3. AT-DIO-32F Plug AT-DIO-32F

    If you have an older system using an AT-DIO-32F card you will find a plug like the one on the left at your PC. You will have to download the 32F software.

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