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PM32Channel Version Change List

Version Date Component Changes
1.08.06 2020-09-17 TCPIP
  • Version TCPIP 2.62.01
Windows Installer
  • Use correct location for licel-errors.txt
1.08.05 2020-09-16 PM32Channel
  • Fixed: No display in ROI page in push mode unless the cursor is manually moved
  • Fixed: Live mode stops when the ROI page is entered for the first time in push mode
  • Version 2.62.00
  • Use Datafile Version 2.40
1.08.04 2019-10-24 PM32Channel
  • Write wavelength with 2 precision digits (10 picometers)
  • Read wavelength with up to 2 precision digits (10 picometers)
1.08.03 2019-09-09 PM32Channel
  • Fix automatic acquisition start when restarting the software
1.08.02 2019-08-26 PM 32Channel
  • Fix a synchronization problem in dual (Push-Slave) systems when the first start is in slave mode
  • Cursors are centered after the program start
  • Add the target and current voltage values to the error message when a target voltage is not returned by the controller
  • Cosmetics: temperature and HV current request buttons moved
  • Customizeable HV current settings on request
  • Remove ADC trace if that feature is not supported by the hardware
PM 32Channel, PMT32Channel Pulse
  • Generate an error when the controller does not support a PM32 nor a LIDARINO
PMT32Channel Pulse
  • Shutter support
  • Clean up unused VIs
  • Extend accuracy of geograhic coordinates
  • Extend accuracy of the zenith angle
  • Version 2.35
  • Version 2.60.00
1.08.01 2019-01-21 Push Template
  • Include HW? after (re-) setting the bin width in new systems
  • Correctly apply the allowed increment while setting the resolution in nanoseconds
  • Support high resolution (< 10 ns) if supported by the spectrometer
  • Re-organize code of the TCPIP API
1.08.00 2018-10-19 PM32Channel
  • Optimize entering the IP address
  • Allow LIDARINO operation
  • Fix an issue while saving the PM high voltage to the initialization file
  • Switch off an active live acquisition when entering the calibration tab page and restart after leaving
  • Fix an issue with the No Trigger-LED indicator when starting a push acquisition
  • Version 2.31
  • Fix a problem with very old files without fractional seconds in the file name
  • Version 2.58.02
  • Correctly save the number of shots and the HV value
  • Allow LIDARINO operation
  • <Select All> and <Deselect All> buttons for the channel selection
  • Cosmetics concerning the plot legends
  • Fix problem with plot colors and styles
Slave Template
  • Include HW? to avoid error code 5801 when starting
1.07.16 2018-03-13 PM32Channel
  • Autoscale x by default at the single channel plots
  • Current limit violations are indicated by a blinking LED
Windows Installer
  • Program menu shortcut for the Puls Height Distribution
1.07.15 2017-10-17 PM32
  • TCP/IP interface for external control
  • Version 2.56
1.07.14 2017-07-14 PM32
  • Add a time delay between setting and reading the PM voltage
  • Enhanced error logging while writing to the initialization file
  • Set Pretrigger not allowed during an acquisition
  • SHUTTER? supported
1.07.13 2016-11-11 PM32
  • Prevent generating user events every time the voltage button is turned - generate the final voltage changing event when turning has finished.
  • Version 2.55
1.07.11 2016-03-18 TCPIP
  • Version 2.51
  • Improved trigger indicator
  • Acquisition rate display
  • Cosmetics on system tab
  • Wide memory support
  • Switch between Push and Slave mode
  • Time sychronization with the PM32 controller. The times (part of the file names) are based on the controller timestamps.
  • Data file format changed to support shorter binwidths: the binwidth parameter has 7 instead of 4 places (including the decimal separator)
  • Wide memory support
1.07.10 2015-04-10 LabVIEW Sources
  • Include a tempate VI for SLAVE mode operation
  • Include a tempate VI for PUSH mode operation
  • Send a STOP when the first attempt to establish the TCP/IP connection is successful
  • Documentation and Cosmetics
1.07.09 2014-12-08 PM32
  • Allow the change of the number of Bins and the Binwidth if supported by the PM32 controller
  • Update to TCPIP 2.47.04 core
1.07.08 2014-06-26 PM32
  • Push Mode: allow a start command only if the push socket connection is established
  • Push Mode: if no acquisition is in progress or no data has been received for 10 secs. a *IDN? command is sent to check the status of the Ethernet connection
  • Push Mode: if no acquisition is in progress or no data has been received for 10 secs. a *IDN? command is sent to check the status of the Ethernet connection
1.07.07 2014-05-12 PM32
  • Push Mode, Live: allow target shot numbers smaller than the maximum push shot number
  • Optimized cursor initialization, find cursor function
  • The program starts in Live mode
1.07.06 2014-03-14 PM32
  • Support of the decompression factor 2 when using the push mode
  • Timestamp violation debugging
  • Push mode support
1.07.05 2014-03-11 PM32
  • Use START PUSH instead of START TRANSMIT to start an acquisition when a controller supporting the push mode is present
1.07.04 2014-02-24 PM32
  • Support of the decompression factor 4 when using the push mode
  • Re-organization of the LabVIEW driver VI to request the controller's hardware information
1.07.03 2014-01-29 PM32
  • Support of the push mode with micro bin compression
  • Display and data storage re-organized
  • Bugfix when changing the ranges of the ROI or Channel display plots
1.07.02 2014-01-16 PM32
  • Control an external shutter if supported by the controller
1.07.01 2013-10-23 All
  • Use LabVIEW 2010 for development and as runtime engine in installers and executables
1.07 2012-08-27 PM32
  • Redesign of the GUI
  • Shot counter did not increase during single acquisition
1.06 2012-02-27 PM32
  • Start procedure fixed
  • Live/Acquis mode change fixed
  • Stop procedure fixed
  • Shot monitoring fixed
1.05 2011-10-28 TCPIP
  • TCPIP version 2.43
  • Trigger indicator fixed
  • The data width is read from the controller if supported
  • Internal data width aligned
  • Fix reading of the status
  • Surface plot handling changed
  • Start procedure fixed
  • Record counter for single shot acquisitions fixed
  • Data width handling as in PM32
1.04 2011-04-18 Datafile
  • Datafile version 2.21
  • Stop procedure fixed
  • Initialization file handling changed
  • Global Initialization file handling changed
  • Directory handling changed
1.03 2010-07-05 Datafile/TCPIP
  • Datafile version 2.20
  • TCPIP version 2.39

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