Manuals and Documentation

Here you will find installation and programming manuals and further documents.


Ethernet Manual (4.6 MB)

Documentation for Ethernet based system. This guide describes the software installation and the network setup for the Licel Ethernet Controller. A tutorial for the acquisition software is provided. The tutorial section is suitable for the HS package, as well.

Ethernet Manual LV 6.0 (1.9 Mb), obsolete

Documentation for the Ethernet software for LabVIEW 6.0. This document will not be updated.

Installation Manual

Describes the software installation for DIO-32HS based systems. If you have problems with the installation please contact us.

Windows help file (.zip)

Windows help file for HS based systems.

Programming manual

Programming manual suitable for the C and VB driver. Includes sample applications.

File format description

Description of the binary file format of the Acquisition routines included in the TCP/IP and the DIO-32HS packages.

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