Licel GmbH currently provides three main acquisition programs and four utility programs for testing, postprocessing and conversion of data. The following programs are available as LabVIEW sources for both the ethernet-based and the DIO-32HS packages. The ethernet software is also available as a Windows Installer package.

  1. Show Acquis Screenshot Acquis - Acquis is a software for multiple acquisitions. An acquisiton may either be run manually or automatically. The acquired data is written into binary data files.
  2. Show Live Display Screenshot Live Display - Live Display allows the transient recorder to be operated in an oscilloscope mode. With this software, the acquired data will be updated every time a user defined number of shots is acquired. Thus, the display updates, much as an oscilloscope does.
  3. Show Live Display ScreenshotTrack - Track allows the user to access all transient recorder functions for manual acquisition and saving of data.
  4. File formatFile format. The Licel Acquisition routines included in the TCP/IP and the DIO-32HS packages support a binary file format.
  5. Utilities
    1. Licel Getting Started - a utility to check the system setup and configuration.
    2. Advanced Viewer - a utility to easily view and inspect the binary data files. The Advanced Viewer includes the functionalities of the following two utility programs (also part of the software packages) known from earlier Licel software releases:
      1. Datafile Binary to Ascii - a utility which can be used to convert the binary data files into tab separated ASCII files for use in spreadsheet program.
      2. Datafile Addfiles Interface - a utiltity that creates a summed up single data file from a series of data files
    3. Pulse Height - a utility which tests the photon counting size distribution as a function of the discriminator level.
    4. Postan Data Analysis (a+p) - a utility that can be used to glue analog and photon counting data sets together.

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