The new family of ethernet control modules provide a easy way for detection system remote control over the Internet

The communication with the ethernet interface uses TCP/IP . The controller can have a static IP address or a dynamically assigned address (DHCP). The controller accepts commands with ASCII syntax similar to the GPIB syntax. The twisted pair connector makes integration into the laboratory network easy. The different modules can be stacked together so that only one network connection is necessary.

Transient Recorder Remote Control

Detector Remote Control

The detector remote control is offered in different configurations: for 1, 4 or 8 PMT's or for 4 APD's

PMT Remote Control

The PMT remote control set and reads back the PMT high voltage. PMT's with a activated high voltage are indicated trough a LED.


The PM-Remote-4 goes perfectly with a Rack-2. The PM-Remote-8 is the optimum choice for a PMT-Rack8.

APD Remote Control

With a APD remote control (APD-Remote-4) unit the APD high voltage can be set and the temperature controller can be turned on and off

Trigger Module

The Licel Trigger Module (Pretrig)incorporates one trigger input and 4 different outputs to build up compact detection systems. The triggger input can be used to synchronize the system to an external laser flash lamp or Q-switch trigger. The module can also run internally triggered. The module is able to generate: All timings are derived from a quarz based oszillator ensuring nanosecond timing stability.


The programming manual gives a complete description of the setup procedure and the command syntax. All modules come together with a LabView source code and a sample application.
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