The Licel transient recorder is a powerful data acquisition system, especially designed for remote sensing applications. To meet the demanding requirements of optical signal detection, a new concept was developed to reach the best dynamic range together with high temporal resolution at fast signal repetition rates.

For the first time analog detection of the photomultiplier current and single photon counting is combined in one acquisition system. The combination of a powerful A/D converter (12 Bit at 40 MHz) with a 250 MHz fast photon counting system increases the dynamic range of the acquired signal substantially compared to conventional systems. Signal averaging is performed by specially designed ASIC's which outperform any CISC- or RISC-processor based solution. A high speed data interface to the host computer allows readout of the acquired signal even between two laser shots.The implementation of this concept makes the Licel transient recorder the state of the art solution for all applications where fast and accurate detection of photomultiplier, photodiode or other electrical signals is required at high repetition rates.

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