model name TR XX-YYY-opt.

XX= sample rate (for analog and photon counting), defines the ADC clock and photon counter readout cycle time.
20=20 MHz, standard (7.5 m range resolution)
40=40 MHz, for high resolution systems (3.75 m range resolution)

lower sample rate is possible, but it limits the max. average photon count rate (not the pulse pair resolution)

YYY=FIFO memory length, defines the max. signal length and the max. repetition rate
160=16384 databins, standard, lidar signals up to 819.2µs or 122.88 km, max. rep. rate=300 Hz.
80=8192 databins, lidar signals up to 409.6µs or 61.44 km, max. rep. rate=610 Hz.

for other combinations see list below.


AP=separated inputs for analog and photon counting. Makes sense for APD users who also detect weak PMT signals (Raman signals, etc). One trigger source - two detectors (APD + PMT in photon counting).
opt.=optical trigger input.(Trigger source is a SMA Emitter). Additional galvanically decoupling. Only for very noisy laser sources (Excimer, flashlamp pumped Ti:Sapphire lasers). Our standard electrical trigger is already galvanically decoupled.
las=optical trigger with laser pulse as trigger source. Includes a photodiode and a fast Schmitt Trigger with variable threshold. Application: Passive Q-switched lasers (mini lidars).

Memory selection chart

Note: Starting from October 2009 all TR units will have a 64k memory, which can be configured by the user for shorter memory depths.

The black dip switch for the address selection also hosts the memory length selection, the following lengths can be selected.

memory depth678Sample
512OFFOFFOFFDip-Switch for 16k16k Address 0

Transient recorder memory/range resol./repetition rate

 model No.TR 10TR 20TR 40unit
sample rate10 2040MHz
memoryrange resol.157.53.75m
256 max. rep. rate15.6219.5322.32kHz
max signal3.841.920.96km
512 max. rep. rate7.81 9.7611.16kHz
max signal7.683.841.92km
1Kmax. rep. rate3.904.885.58kHz
max signal15.367.683.84km
2 Kmax. rep. rate 1.952.442.79kHz
max signal30.7215.367.68km
4 Kmax. rep. rate 0.971.221.39kHz
max signal61.4430.7215.36km
8 Kmax. rep. rate0.4880.610.69kHz
max signal122.8861.4430.72km
16 K max. rep. rate0.170.300.34 kHz
max signal245.76122.8861.44km

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