The transient recorders in one rack share a paralell bus and are identified by their address. For a proper functioning rack all addresses should be unique.

The addresses range from 0 to 15. In order to change the transient recorder address you need to unmount the transient recorder first (see the for mounting instructions).

Then open the side panel with the offset and gain adjustment holes.

On the right side of the board a black (red before Oct. 2009) switch should be visible. The switch position 1 to 4 encode binary the address. The switch positions 6 to 8 define on the black switch the memory length (see there)

The ON position corresponds to a binary 1.
before Oct. 2009since Oct. 2009 
Address 0Address 0 All switches are off, the resulting address is 0. This is the factory default for the left most transient recorder in a Rack-6 or the topmost in a Rack-2.
Address 1Address 1 The lowest switch is on (20), the resulting address is 1
Address 5Address 5 The lowest switch is on (20), the switch corresponding to four is also on (22), the resulting address is 5

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