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In order to fit the special needs of the Lidar-community we build photomultiplier modules based on a Hamamatsu Mini-PMT. The socket has stabilized last dynodes for the strong near field signal and a protection circuit against high continuous light and a HV supply. We use preselected tubes (photon counting) to deliver a valid analog and photon counting signal over one BNC cable to the transient digitizer

The modules can also be ordered with a gating

Please download a print optimized version of the datasheet.

Technical Facts

Part Number PM-HV-xx Detector with power supply
PM Type Hamamatsu R9880
Quantum Efficiency, Wavelength dependency, Dark current Tube data
PM High Voltage (V)0-1000
Supply Voltages (V)+15Triple HV
Current Limit (μA)100
Resistance Anode-GND (Mohm)1.0
Output ConnectorBNC (50 Ohm)



PMT-HV manual in pdf format

Mechanical Dimensions

Drawing as a pdf-file
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