Licel Quad/Triple-HV Module

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Current Lidar systems have multiple detection channels and the rack space occupied by the PMT-HV becomes an issue. Licel has introduced a range of multiple HV modules,

  • that fit into combined transient recorder detector racks.
  • The high voltage values are purely remote controlled, as those large systems are highly automated.
  • The modules have a manual switch to turn of the HV, which can not be overwritten by software to ensure safe operation, when working on the detection box.
  • Each channel can be named by software to indicate for instance the wavelength of the PMT to the user.

Technical Facts

Part Number Triple-HV
PM High Voltage (V)0 - -1000
PM max. Current (mA)0.6
Supply Voltages (V)+5V
Output ConnectorCamac



PMT-HV manual in pdf format

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